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          The product line includes
          A. The transfer glue is applied in the hot press transfer printing of the gusset plate.
          B. Laminating glue, this glue is suitable for cold pasting of PVC film and gusset.
          Recommended substrate:
          Polyvinyl chloride/polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride/wood fiber ers (laminated rubber)
          Polyvinyl chloride/fiber er/polyvinyl chloride, polyester/polyvinyl chloride (T transfer Glue)

          1. Shows good bond strength.
          2. Fast drying and water resistant.
          3. Compressive stability after curing.
          4. Excellent performance, low solvent residue, safe and non-toxic.
          5. The glue can resist the temperature of 160---180 °.
          6. Hot stamping can meet the requirements of heat sealing.

          Product index and packaging
          Transparent glue, viscosity 45±5s (3 # cup).
          P blackening: 25 kg/drum, hard plastic drum for export.

          Store in a cool and dry place, and be sure to stir well before use.
          Note: We are not responsible for any accidents caused by misuse. Welcome to contact the relevant technical personnel of our company, if you have any relevant technical questions.

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