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          Titanium dioxide

          Product description
          Titanium dioxide is an important inorganic chemical pigment, the main component is titanium dioxide. The production process of titanium dioxide has two process routes: sulfuric acid method and chloride method. It has important applications in coatings, inks, papermaking, plastics and rubber, chemical fiber, ceramics and other industries.

          Composition structure
          It has two structures: rutile type (Rutile R type) and anatase type (Anatase A type). The rutile crystal structure is compact, relatively stable, and has low optical activity, so it has good weather resistance, and has high hiding power and decolorizing power. .

          Application field
          The main application areas of titanium dioxide: coatings, plastics, inks, papermaking, of which coatings account for 60%, plastics for 20%, papermaking for 14%, and others (including cosmetics, chemical fibers, electronics, ceramics, enamel, welding rods, alloys, glass, etc.) Domain) accounted for 6%.




          Performance characteristics
          1. High whiteness and strong hiding power.
          2. Hydrophilic and lipophilic products, it overcomes the shortcomings of general titanium dioxide that is difficult to disperse and easy to precipitate in their respective dispersion systems.
          3. Improved its dispersibility and anti-precipitation properties to make your product stable and satisfactory.
          4. Strong weather resistance.
          5. Good compatibility with other raw materials of cosmetics.


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